Sunday, 1 April 2012

Last minute Pranks on April Fool's day

It's April Fools day and the pranks have already Begun around the world. We urge you to join the action by using some of these pranks which are easy to set up and most of them done through computers.

1. Prank SMS and E-mails through Sharpmail : Sharpmail is one of the few mail services that give you a fake e-mail id per mail, you can Create an authentic looking mail in minutes and send it to a co-worker posing as your boss or anything else that comes to your mind. Similarly, for a small fee you can even send out spoof messages to anywhere and the recipient will see the sender number and Name which you want them to see.
Spoofing through Sharpmail

2. Change the Keyboard layout from QWERTY to DVORAK:Dvorak is just another form of Keyboard gaining popularity slowly and on windows especially Windows 7 you can change settings easily to let other people think that their Keyboard has gone wild. Here's how to do it.
1 - Click the Start button.
2 - Click "Control Panel."
3 - Click on either "Clock, Language, and Region" or "Region and Language," depending on if you have your control panel items sorted by categories or icons.
4 - Click the "Keyboards and Languages" tab.
5 - Click the "Change keyboards..." button.
6 - Click the "Add..." button.
7 - Click on "English (United States)," then "Keyboard," and finally, "United States-Dvorak."

3. The Blue Screen of Death Screen saver :Make your co-worker think their PC crashed when they get back from lunch. The  BSOD available for windows(ironically.) For other operating system "support," check out the Linux BSOD 'saver with support for Apple, Windows, and Linux crash screens.

4 . Hijack Firefox with a simple  addon: Your victim use Firefox? Install the " Total Confusion Pack " Firefox extension, which enables the following "features" on April 1st only:
Two Steps Back: Make the back button go back twice—not every time, but only on random instances.
Rick Rollr: Switch out 2% of the video clips your victim watches with the infamous Rick Astley video.
The Devil's Inbox: Make the number of unread email in your victim's Gmail inbox exactly 666.
Highs and Lows/Sarcarsm Enhancer/For real: Add LOL, *sigh*, "for real," "Whatever" and various other commentary to web page text.
Watch it: Make it look as if the page was loading forever. (Now this is just plain mean.)

5. Use NetSend to give out authentic looking popups that display your message: All you need is netsend and your Victim's IP. Here's one person's prank 
A good prank that I have played on some friends involves the net send command. What I did was I used the net send command to send a message that said "Microsoft has detected that you have a small penis. Please consider upgrading for better performance" to other people on my local network. When you use the net send command in the command prompt, you specify the computer you want it sent to by typing the computer name, it also says on the message which computer it came from, so I changed my computer name to Microsoft, so it appeared, to the technically challenged, that the message actually came from Microsoft. In case you were interested, the syntax for the net send is:
net send computername message


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