Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sew a button on a dishcloth or scrub to clean your utensils and dishes effectively

We know you love your food, and enjoy cooking it, but ever come across a stubborn grease mark that just refuses to budge. Instead of using dollops of Vim or other soap and wrestling with your dishes, we found a much better alternative. It came after reading a post on 'Re-nest' which recommended this

"....sewed buttons to the corners of her dishcloths (the ones for drying) to help remove stuck on food. Yes, you should be washing your dishes thoroughly, but sometimes there's that one little bit that you thought you removed, but didn't. So when you're drying your dishes and don't really want to submerge things again, just use the button!"

They recommended it for dishes already washed and were put to dry.But their problems are different from ours as they are accustomed to cleaning dishes in the dishwasher.For some of the housewives who just wished to easily scrape away that grease from the Kadhai and other utensils, we experimented by putting the same button on a scrub. After testing it on our Tawa, Kadhai and other places, we found it to be more effective than steel wool and meant reduction in your cost as well.

Why you should sew a button on a dishcloth  | via Re-nest


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